About Ragged

patti_maggieWorking in the printing/advertising industry for more than thirty years, Patti O’Donnell is dedicated to creating a product that represents you and your business. Whether it be a logo, website, brochure, advertisement, or custom artwork, Patti will strive to give you something you are proud of, something that you will want to share.
At the beginning of her career, she started out “on the board” doing brochure design, paste-up, and inking of technical illustrations, schematics and flow charts.

Since Macintosh computers came out in the mid-eighties, Patti has experienced the job changing from on-the-board to using computers and the internet for Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Web Layout and Maintenance, and Computer Generated Images.

Feel free to look around this website to see more samples of the work done. We are hoping you will like what you see. Then when you are ready, contact Patti at either 603-523-4490 or patti@raggedmountaindesign.com.